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The Prairie Fire is published by Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society of Madison. View past issues at www.uuprairie.org/ newsletter/

July 2013

Sat. July 6
9:00 am WOW @Prairie

Sun. July 7
10:00 am Service: "Abundance:
Trusting Enough"- Sara Goodman
12:00 Humanist Union with potluck
5:30 pm Men's Group
Sun. July 14
10:00 am Service: Summer reads

Sun. July 21
10:00 am Service: Sandy Ingham
11:30 am Book Club

Tues. July 23
 1:30 pm Prairie Elders
(See descriptions of programs below)

Upcoming Programs
WOW @Prairie: Women's Group meets every 1st Saturday of the month at Prairie. Bring a dish to pass.

Abundance: Trusting is Enough - Sara Goodman is a recent graduate of Union Theological Seminary, and has moved to Madison with her Husband Shawn to embark on the adventure of a Ministerial Internship at the First Unitarian Society.

Humanist Union: The meeting begins with a noon potluck followed by "Building the Humanist Community in Madison," an open discussion led by Bob Park and Ron Solomon. We will meet in the house at 2006 Whenona Drive next to Prairie if possible.

Men's Group: The Men's Group meets the first Sunday of every month at Prairie. Bring a dish to pass.

Summer Reads: Rose Smith leads her annual summer reads program. Come prepared to share your latest good book recommendation - fiction, non-fiction, poetry or coffee table pictures. Whatever floats your boat. We will collect the titles and authors and Bob Park will publish the list.

Book Club: Book for July: Rwanda: Surviving the Genocide. A story of the Extermination of more than 800,000 people as told by one who survived by Francois Musonera. The author now teaches Spanish in Wisconsin. Suggested by Gary Gates. Pam Gates will be getting 3 books from the author. Please let her know if you want to buy one - 255-2337 ($15, I think). Two copies available in the library.

Prairie Elders: Prairie Elders meet the 4th Tuesday of the month in the Nakoma Room, Heritage Oaks building, Oakwood Village, West. This month's topic will be best personal experiences.

Laughter Yoga: The Madison Laughter Club will lead us in laughter yoga exercises. The practice of "laughter therapy" is growing in popularity. Devotees say the simple act of laughing helps relieve stress and improves things like blood flow and digestion. Unlike some yoga practices, everyone can do laughter yoga no matter your age, abilities or inabilities.

Contact Us:
Barbara Park

Director of Religious Education
Rebecca Malke-Eliganti

Susan Herr-Hoyman

Meeting House
2010 Whenona Drive
Madison WI 53711
(608) 271-8218

Prairie Websites:
Home Page

News Group http://groups.yahoo. com/group/prairie news/

http://groups.yahoo. com/group/prairie views/

Social Action http://socialaction. madisonwi.us

Humanist Union http://humanist. madisonwi.us

Prairie Community Extra Curriculars
Karaoke Birthday Party!
Who: Anne Urbanski & friends (this means YOU)
What: Karaoke!
When: Friday, July 12th, 9pm (come early to get a seat)
Where: Schwoegler's Bowling Center, 444 Grand Canyon Dr., Madison 53719
Why: Because you like to sing and/or watch others sing. And because it's my birthday!

...and Now a Word from the Rev.
Hard to believe, but it has been almost exactly a year since we made a commitment to each other and I accepted the position of half-time consulting minister at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society. Because of previous commitments that I had, I did not begin "officially" until September and I did not get in my car and travel from Flagstaff, Arizona, where I had been living, back to Wisconsin until early November. Now, I am just beginning to feel as if I am "really" here -- here not only physically, but also emotionally, psychologically, mentally. I have one more big adjustment to make before I am truly settled. This summer I am moving from my son's apartment to my own place.

Along with all the personal changes in my life over the past few months, I have had to adjust to working again. I had entered a state of semiretirement and had not worked with a congregation for almost three years. I am happy to report that I am glad I did not stay retired, semi or otherwise. Committing to working with Prairie was a good decision. We have had challenges, of course, during my first year of knowing you. I would not have expected otherwise. But, you continue to amaze me with how you meet challenges.

I have big plans for us during the upcoming year! These plans range from committing to more social justice work, to learning more about our Unitarian Universalist history, to continuing to strengthen our community, to challenging our beliefs, to becoming better communicators. And, that's not all! I expect us to have many exciting and, I hope, interesting adventures -- and learning experiences -- as we continue the journey along this wonderful Unitarian Universalist path.

You notice that I have used the words commitment and committing more than once. I have high hopes for our small, but mighty congregation. There is so much we can learn and do together when we pool our talents and our energy and our creativity. So, my wish for you during these lazy, hazy summer days is that you find time -- take time -- to recharge your batteries and get rested up for what I see as a productive, stimulating -- and, yes, even fun -- new church/fellowship/society year!

Take good care of your precious selves as you go through the summer season -- and maybe think about building an ark as a community project!
-Rev. Sandy

Prairie News
We've bought it -- now what?

At Prairie's May 19th parish meeting, the congregation voted to approve the Board's offer to purchase the vacant home next door, at 2006 Whenona Drive. The closing will take place July 1st. Now that we own 2006 Whenona, what are we going to do with it? Eventually we hope the building will provide more space for our minister and RE director, classroom space for our older RE students, and quieter places for small groups like the Book Club to gather, or the choir to rehearse. In the short term, however, we'll need to prepare the building for its new uses. With guidance from the Housing and Property Committee, we can use the next few months to get started on this. Though a few items might need professional attention, there will be plenty of things we can do ourselves -- cleaning, painting, brush removal, gardening, to name a few.

Please keep an eye on Prairie News and upcoming editions of the Prairie Fire to find out how you can help.
- Anne Urbanski, outgoing vice-president, for Barb Park

RE Circle of Friends
Who's Who at Prairie
We have a new board as of July 1st! Welcome to the new board members and thanks to the returning veterans. Here they are:
President: Barb Park
Vice Pres: Lynn Pawelski
Treasurer: Al Nettleton
Secretary: Christina Klock
At-Large: Dirk Herr-Hoyman
At-Large: Judy Lazarus
Youth Member: Cheyenne Hale

Neighborhood Spotlight
Prairie Musicians Played Big Part in MMM at Prairie June 21

Prairie and the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association co-sponsored a Make Music Madison event on June 21 on the Prairie lawn. The event drew over 60 people at peak attendance.

Prairie musicians provided much of the music and a share of the audience. Prairie performers included Ron Frye who sang some mellow standards, Rosemarie Lester playing accordion and
singing in German and French, The Continental Drifters - Ruth Calden and Rosemarie Lester - doing instrumental and vocal duets, and Mary Mullen who plays guitar and harmonica in in the
women’s band Dark of the Moon Contra-Band. Prairie friend Mike Briggs, performing under the alias Grandpa Squeezit, entertained the crowd with his button accordion. Another group, Guitars for Vets, has a connection to Prairie in that one of the guitar teachers is Dan Proud. Dan couldn’t attend, but the group was a hit, leading a sing-along. Two other acts did not have Prairie connections.

Many thanks to the other Prairie people who volunteered their time to set up and run the event and then put everything away: Dirk and Susan Herr-Hoyman, Rick Ruecking, Randy Converse, Paula Pachciarz, Dorothy Krause, and Patty Stockdale. Mary Mullen did most of the organizing for this event.
- Mary Mullen

Congratulations and best wishes to Cheyenne Hale! On June 14th, she graduated from La Follette High School in Madison. A wonderful celebration was held June 23rd at Prairie with family and friends enjoying a lovely potluck that had everything but the kitchen sink. Cheyenne eventually plans to attend Madison College. In the interim, she is working part-time in the deli and bakery at Sentry Foods near her home.

Congratulations also go to Reuben Arnold who graduated from Columbia in Economics/Political Science in May. He celebrated by nudging his parents to globe trot round II for two weeks in Europe. He now resides in Manhattan. Way to go Reuben!

Our deepest sympathy and warmest thoughts go out to Vera Cunningham and her family as we mourn the passing of Gordon at their home on Friday, June 28th.

UU-UUA-UUSC Calendar
July 7-12 - Adult Faith Development Renaissance Module
Sponsor: Ferry Beach RE Week
Contact: Julie Parker Amery, julie.amery@verizon.net

July 9-11 - Level K-1/4-6 OWL Facilitator Training
Sponsor: Pacific Northwest District
Contact: Janis Anable, 425-957-9116, registrar@pnwd.org

Thought for the Month
Want to be able to spout off those UU principles when someone asks you what you believe? Here they are made easy:
Principle 1: Each person is important
Principle 2: Be kind in all you do
Principle 3: We're free to learn together
Principle 4: We search for what is true
Principle 5: All people need a voice
Principle 6: Build a fair and peaceful world
Principle 7: We care for the earth
- taken from UUA web page

Editor Note: This is a new experience here (bear with me if I miss info), so suggestions, ideas, offers of articles, assistance or GF beer are most appreciated.
-Susan Herr-Hoyman